Somebody's Gonna Get It
27-Band Punk Rock Compilation

Title: Somebody's Gonna Get It
Label: Bite Your Neighbor Music
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This is NOT a cheap CDR with a xerox-copied booklet. It is a professionaly produced, shrinkwrapped CD with an 8-Page color booklet that contains lyrics to all the songs!

27 bands, 32 songs, 64 skankin minutes on this CD!
Believe me when I say there is no filler on this CD. Each band shreds! We received hundreds upon hundreds of demos for inclusion on this CD. We sifted through the rubble, and handpicked these new era punk bands for having that old-school, 80's punk rock sound. None of that crappy Heavy Metal/Speed Metal sound that passed for punk rock in the 90's, only authentic thrash guitar. No singers trying to vocalize like N-Sync over grunge music. No drummers trying to sound fast by using cheesy Metallica drumbeats. Just authentic punk rock hardcore.

These bands are from all over the United States and abroad. Ever hear Japanese hardcore??? How about Israel hardcore???

Track List

Track 1All Day - Doreen
Track 2All Day - Fuck You
Track 3U.S. Bombs - World on the Run
Track 4U.S. Bombs - Holly Cost
Track 5The Gain - Been Away Now
Track 6The Neighbors - Unanswered
Track 7The Neighbors - Broken Dreams and Canceled Plans
Track 8Decline - Sick Seed
Track 9Y.A.P.O. - Happy
Track 10The Muzzarelas - Mushroom Tea
Track 11The Muzzarelas - Watch the Birds Shit on My Head
Track 12Amerifucked - Jesus Christ
Track 13Amerifucked - Bombarded
Track 14Cattywampuss - Wood
Track 15Lifeball - Don't See It
Track 16Whatever - Accidents Will Happen
Track 17Jon Cougar Concentration Camp - Back in the Day
Track 18Violent Society - Different Breed
Track 19Buglite - I See You
Track 20Absolute Value - When Will I Learn
Track 21Resistenza - Fine
Track 22Monster Zero - Sell Out
Track 23Ernie's Rubber Duckie - Silicone Dick
Track 24Leapfrog - Backstabber
Track 25The McRackins - The Pee Pee Dance
Track 26Union Deploy - Sink
Track 27Nekhei Naatza - Racist Religion
Track 28Yum Yum Tree - B.O.O.C.
Track 29Forkerman - I'll Rule the World
Track 30Chronic Thrill - Laughter Comes Around
Track 31Vile Horrendouses
Track 32Shit Smell - Fuck Skinheads

Band Profiles

All Day from Long Beach, California
Hardcore legends All Day are huge in California. They have records galore and play tons of shows where thier fans like to skank and cause trouble. Paul McFadyen is a great front-man and might even kick your ass for you if you ask nice enough. Fans of the 80's punk band Falling Idols will be pleased to know Randy Bradbury plays guitar for this band.

U.S. Bombs from Orange County, California
The U.S. Bombs have a great 1977 Clash/English sound. U.S. Bombs tour a lot, have great songs and have a huge following. That's because they are fronted by Skate Pro Duane Peters and have the old Shattered Faith guitarist, Kerry Martinez, who wrote all the great tunes for that legendary 80's punk rock band.

The Gain from Simi Valley, California
Great guitar riffs on this track! I like these guys because they are from Simi Valley (who knew they had a scene), they're a three piece band, and they pull off some great punk rock with catchy guitar work.

The Neighbors from San Diego, California
Neighbors are a great hardcore, thrash band. Extremely fast music but also extremely tight. You'll need the lyric sheet to understand what Ken Leek is singing about. If you like Dead Kennedys or 7 Seconds style music, you'll love the Neighbors.

Decline from Long Beach, California
Great punk rock!

Y.A.P.O. from Baldwin Park, California
What can you expect from a band called Young and Pissed Off? Angry Thrash! Y.A.P.O. doesn't disappoint. Complete with angry anti-social lyrics at no extra charge!

The Muzzarelas from Campinas, Brazil
Muzzarelas are a great surprise coming from Brazil. You'd never know it because they sing in English. Just honest-to-goodness, gritty punk rock with a snotty-sounding singer. These guys were so good we had to put two songs of them on the CD.

Amerifucked from Everett, Washington
These guys are on the CD for their great thrash-and-burn music. It doesn't get any more hardcore than this. They deserve two cuts on this CD!

Cattywampuss from Salisbury, Maryland
A little more poppy sounding but still great stuff. What the hell is a Cattywampuss?

Lifeball from Tokyo, Japan
Ever hear punk rock sung in Japanese? Lifeball is fast and tight. Good stuff from our Rising Sun friends.

Whatever from Cleveland, Ohio
Changing the temp is Whatever. Not hardcore but still good stuff.

Jon Cougar Concentration Camp from Santee, California
These guys made the CD just because of their name. Punk bands with a sense of humour are always held in high regard. I originally thought these guys were trying to pass off a NoFX demo as their own. Eery. These guys are good!

Violent Society from Newton, Pennsylvania
You need great hardcore to pull off a name like Violent Society. Luckily these guys got the pluck to do it. Great old-school hardcore complete with changing tempos. Brings back that 80's sound.

Buglite from Brookhaven, Pennsylvania
Vocals are kinda pop but the music is still fast, so it has our approval.

Absolute Value from Minneapolis, Minnesota
Slower tempo but great music just the same. Any band that can play in the freezing cold of Minnesota has our vote.

Resistenza from Rome, Italy
Italian hardcore! These guys have a Dag Nasty sound to them. Good tempo changes.

Monster Zero from Citrus Heights, California
I like the angry singer on this cut. Short and to the point. Good stuff!

Ernie's Rubber Duckie from Tempe, Arizona
Fast, then slow. Fast, then slow. Now that is punk rock. This band in not just about a cool name.

Leapfrog from Vineland, New Jersey
These guys have a DOA sound except without the Joey Shithead vocals. And their guitar player can play leads! Good, tight, punk rock.

The McRackins from Vancouver, Canada
Happy punk rock from Canada, eh? Humourous lyrics go far in our opinion. Reminds us all not to take punk rock too seriously.

Union Deploy from Crownsville, Maryland
Good tempo changes and great distortion on the guitar.

Nekhei Naatza from Galilee, Israel
Great hardcore from Israel. Sung in Hebrew. Who knew Israel had punk rock? Or even allowed the anti-social elements of punk rock to rear it's ugly head? Amazing!

Yum Yum Tree from New York, New York
Any all-girl punk band gets our vote (but ditch the guy drummer)! Any that's why Yum Yum Tree is on this CD. Every comp needs a little lipstick and perfume to break up the testosterone. Something very erotic about a girl screaming "You're a little cunt!"

Forkerman from Hartsdale, New York
Fork me? Well, Fork you! Every comp needs a 2-chord, 1-2-Fuck-You, basic thrash-and-burn punk band with a screaming singer and this is it. Great stuff! Bands like this always give me a charge.

Chronic Thrill from San Diego, California
These guys are great! Great guitar work, great music, fast and they even work in a little harmonizing without sounding gay.

Vile Horrendouses from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
I guess Vile Horrendouses is plural because these guys thrash! Good hardcore punk rock to skank to. I like the screaming singer. AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!

Shit Smell from Sweden
Good Lord! What is that stink? It's Shit Smell from Sweden. They are raunchy, thrashy and their song actually sounds like shit. Joking! These guys are another 1-2-Fuck-You band. Great stuff! Music that makes you want to bite your neighbor. What language are they singing in, anyway?

Brought to you by Bite Your Neighbor Music
Bite Your Neighbor Music
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